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So to wrap up the YApocalypse, I have an author whose books may just have the COOLEST titles. Meet Justin Woolley – who hails from Melbourne, Australia. Read more

Attacked by EXTRA-terrestrials

I was never going to be an astronaut. The mere thought of traveling outside of our atmosphere brings on a panic attack. Read more


YA author J. M. Wilde has joined the YApocalypse! Read more


Today I’m featuring author Sean Cummings as part of the YApocalypse! Sean and I shared a publisher a while back and I am SO excited to see the AWESOME YApocalypse novel he has since released – THE NORTH (check it out below!) Read more

Zombie YApocalypse To-Be-Dead… READ

I previously admitted that I haven’t read HALF as many YA zombie novels as I would have thought. A measly FIVE. Read more


  1. 05.11.2015

    First glimpse of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them! #squee #fangirl #hp

  2. 26.10.2015

    RT @junkfoodjourney: @IngridJonach 💜

  3. 20.10.2015

    My mind cannot separate the first name Xander from the last name Harris #amreading #matched #buffy #buffygeeks

  4. 20.10.2015

    I keep claiming I don't get hayfever. The power of positive thinking is not working for me today. #sneeze #cough

  5. 18.10.2015

    A bird in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not in the branch, but in its own wings. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

  6. 14.10.2015

    Haha ☺️😊😝😉😋

  7. 12.10.2015

    5 of 5 stars to This is Captain Cook by Tania McCartney

  8. 11.10.2015

    RT @danielliek: Review: When the World was Flat (and we were in love) by Ingrid Jonach #WDDNRewind


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