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So to wrap up the YApocalypse, I have an author whose books may just have the COOLEST titles. Meet Justin Woolley – who hails from Melbourne, Australia. Read more

Attacked by EXTRA-terrestrials

I was never going to be an astronaut. The mere thought of traveling outside of our atmosphere brings on a panic attack. Read more


YA author J. M. Wilde has joined the YApocalypse! Read more


Today I’m featuring author Sean Cummings as part of the YApocalypse! Sean and I shared a publisher a while back and I am SO excited to see the AWESOME YApocalypse novel he has since released – THE NORTH (check it out below!) Read more

Zombie YApocalypse To-Be-Dead… READ

I previously admitted that I haven’t read HALF as many YA zombie novels as I would have thought. A measly FIVE. Read more


  1. 10.04.2016

    Sing me a song of a lass that is gone - Outlander (adapted from The Skye Boat Song). Best…

  2. 28.03.2016

    Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart ~ Wordsworth First draft finished. 14K…

  3. 02.03.2016

    I'm a pink elephant (pls don't tell my date I can't really speak French). #FirstDatesAU

  4. 01.03.2016

    That bread might be a bit salty with all of those tears... #MKR

  5. 26.02.2016

    Just finished reading The Twelve. Verdict? BEAUTIFULLY CONFUSING. #thetwelve #amreading

  6. 26.02.2016

    #TGIF That is all.

  7. 24.02.2016

    SO didn't pick up on the romance between Rick and Michonne. I saw them more as brother and sister! My two fav characters tho. #walkingdead

  8. 24.02.2016

    RT @DwnritDystopian: Review: When the World Was Flat (and We Were In Love) by @ingridjonach! #DDArchive 4/5 stars


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