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Another Blog Holiday!

I am heading off on another blog holiday – taking the time out to finish my next manuscript. Read more


So to wrap up the YApocalypse, I have an author whose books may just have the COOLEST titles. Meet Justin Woolley – who hails from Melbourne, Australia. Read more

Attacked by EXTRA-terrestrials

I was never going to be an astronaut. The mere thought of traveling outside of our atmosphere brings on a panic attack. Read more


YA author J. M. Wilde has joined the YApocalypse! Read more


Today I’m featuring author Sean Cummings as part of the YApocalypse! Sean and I shared a publisher a while back and I am SO excited to see the AWESOME YApocalypse novel he has since released – THE NORTH (check it out below!) Read more


  1. 17.07.2016

    Pokemon GO won't recognise my dog as the elusive Pugichu. #PokemonGO #firstworldproblems

  2. 18.06.2016

    <We have fallen through the surface of want and are deep in the trenches of need> Beautiful. #amreading @loversdiction

  3. 17.06.2016

    Am watching Gone Girl. Not sure her disguise v. good... In the book I think she gets a pixie cut and stacks on weight. #gonegirl #amwatching

  4. 15.06.2016

    What does SWAK mean? Is it a THING? Am going to look it up... Oh. Sealed With A Kiss. #amreading @loversdiction

  5. 15.06.2016

    I have a MASSIVE book hangover from Gone Girl. Have finally settled on my next read - The Lover's Dictionary. #amreading @loversdiction

  6. 13.06.2016

    Just finished Gone Girl. I have no words. It left me feeling a bit ick. #amreading #gonegirl

  7. 13.06.2016

    Um... Is Amy really THIS dumb? Without giving away spoilers - is she REALLY going to fall for it? #amreading #gonegirl

  8. 10.06.2016

    Just got to Part Two. Both expected and unexpected. #amreading #gonegirl


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