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So to wrap up the YApocalypse, I have an author whose books may just have the COOLEST titles. Meet Justin Woolley – who hails from Melbourne, Australia. Read more

Attacked by EXTRA-terrestrials

I was never going to be an astronaut. The mere thought of traveling outside of our atmosphere brings on a panic attack. Read more


YA author J. M. Wilde has joined the YApocalypse! Read more


Today I’m featuring author Sean Cummings as part of the YApocalypse! Sean and I shared a publisher a while back and I am SO excited to see the AWESOME YApocalypse novel he has since released – THE NORTH (check it out below!) Read more

Zombie YApocalypse To-Be-Dead… READ

I previously admitted that I haven’t read HALF as many YA zombie novels as I would have thought. A measly FIVE. Read more


  1. 08.10.2015

    How does my iPhone know when I am driving? It keeps giving me traffic updates. Both handy and freaky!

  2. 08.10.2015

    Just overheard: I don't want to get money out of the ATM, because then I have to carry it. #firstworldproblems

  3. 06.10.2015

    Happy #bookbirthday to #ItsAWonderfulDeath by @SJSchmitt! Birthday surprise: Listen to audiobook (1st chapter) now!

  4. 01.10.2015

    Oh and Alby is NOWHERE NEAR as likeable in the book. In fact, I would say he is a bit of a jerk. #mazerunner

  5. 01.10.2015

    #amreading Maze Runner and am AMAZED by how different it is to the movie. Like WAY different. Telepathy. The Cliff. Meeting the Creators.

  6. 30.09.2015

    SO many tweets. SO little time! 7% battery power. Just spent most working out if % before or AFTER number! #mathsfail

  7. 30.09.2015

    Yes to all of these! I especially love daydreaming!

  8. 30.09.2015

    #amwriting novel on #iphone (kid you not). Update changed look of keyboard. Freaking out! #iphonenovel #sneakpeak


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