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Finding Inspiration In A Dark Time—Literally

When I was little (perhaps five or six years old) I remember lying in bed in the dark (which I was VERY afraid of) and staring at my curtains. The pattern on my curtains in daylight was gingham, which was certainly NOT what I was seeing that night. Read more

NEW RELEASE! In The Beginning There Was Us.

In some SUPER EXCITING NEWS, my next young adult book has just been released – IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS US. I thought I would do a quick Q&A on it… Read more


I’ve always been a draw-inside-the-lines kind of girl. Typically, breaking the rules has never ended well for me. Read more

We Are All Love

Last Monday morning many of us grabbed a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate (in my case) on the way to work without a second thought. As did sixteen mothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons in Sydney who found themselves caught up in the clutches of a madman in the Lindt Cafe. Read more

The Real Mockingjay

I watched Mockingjay recently. And LOVED it, of course. Could this be one of those rare examples of a movie series being better than the book series (as in, the books are awesome, but the movies are OUT OF THIS WORLD!)? Read more


  1. 27.05.2015

    RT @bookqtss: “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between” - Maya Angelou.

  2. 26.05.2015

    The AP Book Club calls In The Beginning There Was Us 'an incredible romance'. Woohoo! Thank you Ashley!

  3. 26.05.2015

    The cutest bookmark ever... #etsy

  4. 25.05.2015

    This pretty much sums up how tough I am... #AmReading

  5. 24.05.2015

    I miss watching Daria! #AmReading

  6. 24.05.2015

    Seeing some great contenders for best book boyfriend coming up on my feed. Park from Eleanor and Park is a frontrunner for me! #teencon2015

  7. 24.05.2015

    Loving following the hastag #TeenCon2015. There needs to be more #YA conventions!

  8. 24.05.2015

    Lol! Don't we all? But then they wouldn't be 3D characters...


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